CANFORD FST CABLE 1 pair, Red 500m rull

FST kabel- 1 par for fast installasjon i rack, Rød 500m

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  • Artnr: CNF-31-072
  • Enhet: stk

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

This D'n'A series (Digital and Analogue) cable is designed to be suitable for both digital and analogue audio signals, with an impedance of 100 ohms which has been proven to be suitable for AES/EBU digital audio as well as analogue microphone and line level signals. Wire insulation is polypropylene, which shrinks back minimally during soldering (considerably less than PVC or polyethylene).

The overall PVC jacket is bonded to the screen tape on application so that one stripping action removes jacket and screen, leaving the signal wires and earth wire free for further processing. It is not necessary to have to unwind tape screen after jacket stripping nor is it necessary to become involved in the unravelling of braided copper screens. In addition, the tape screen provides 100% coverage of the signal pair and will maintain that coverage even when subjected to installations with tight bend radii. This cable is intended for installation purposes, and is not recommended for applications where continuous flexing is required. Where space is at a premium, Canford FST-M offers reduced diameter as an alternative choice.

FST is also available in a ‘box-pak’. The system utilises a unique method of winding the cable into a ‘ball’ which is then enclosed within a sturdy corrugated box with feed-out ‘nozzle’ and carrying handles. The cable can be withdrawn from the box without effort as a one man operation, and will not snag or twist. The ‘ball’ retains its shape within the box so it feeds out easily right to the last metre. This format of cable dispensing has particular advantages for installers working on site. Each box contains 500 metres of cable, and weighs 8.4kg. Price per box.

Technical Specification:

Conductors: 7/0.2mm (0.22mm²) tinned copper
Insulation: Foamed polypropylene, O.D. 1.46mm, black, red
Lay-up: Cores twisted together with 7/0.2mm drain wire, lay length 19mm
Screen: Aluminium/polyester tape, bonded to jacket
Jacket: PVC O.D. 4.0mm (wall thickness 0.5mm), various colours, printed with metre markings
Impedance: 100 ohms
Capacitance: 41pF/metre core to core, 85pF/metre core to core +screen (+/- 5pF/metre)
Max. conductor resistance: 81 ohms/km
Weight: 1.73kg/100m
Reel length: 500 metres.
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre
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